About us

Hello and welcome to Informer.com!

Informer Technologies Inc. is a leading web 2.0/3.0 development company which consists of several multinational programming teams, led by a group of experienced Internet enthusiasts that went into online business several years ago and worked in this industry following each of its changes during the 2000s.

We specialize in social network-related projects and widget-related web services. Informer.com is one of our websites, and we plan to develop existing projects and add some new ones, so constantly check this website for updates and new features. Of course, that’s not all we do: we work with open-source technologies and support some open-source projects, we work with freeware and support freeware projects, too.

We constantly look for new opportunities in the Internet world and try to capitalize on those. We are open for partnerships and interesting investment opportunities, as well as other great business offers and ideas. Please do not spam us with outsourcing proposals.