Software Informer re-design

January is nearly over and we’ve got news for you!

Hope you already noticed that we came up with a brand new design for one of our major projects –

Software Informer is popular among both software junkies and those of you guys who just love using computers or mobile devices, while keeping all the apps up-to-date.

Numerous Windows, Mac and Android software developers are working hard to WOW you with their innovations, and Software Informer is here to help you not to get lost in all the software out there. The second mission of the project is to make sure you won’t miss any (critical or minor) update for the programs you once installed on your PC for we know that even small bug fix can mean faster and more stable work of your favorite app.

We believe that new design is not just about new looks, but about fresh and wholly different experience, so Software Informer’s re-design is aimed at better usability and more convenience. Among many things it becomes more pleasant to look up for software updates; discussion boards have been improved and are now even more user-friendly. We expect it will lead to increase in sharing your impressions and thoughts about various software titles.

Just visit Software and check it yourself!

January 28th, 2013 2 Comments

2 responses to “Software Informer re-design”

  1. Sharon Wilson says:

    What OS are compatible?

  2. Test and Tag says:

    The new design looks great! Has more of a clean and classy look to it.

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