Mac Informer Update

Hope you haven’t missed our Mac Informer Update!

Mac Informer Client 0.5.4 beta follows our new design philosophy, with its prominent interface elements and clean looks, and it brings hundreds of back-end improvements to ensure quicker performance, better stability, and a nicer user experience overall.

So if you are a Mac user be sure to update Mac Informer (or at least just give it a try).

For more info and download, please, go to

PS: Android users do not forget about the

Have a great day and stay in touch! Project Team

May 28th, 2013 3 Comments

3 responses to “Mac Informer Update”

  1. ece ebru albayrak says:

    Thanks for the information… I’m a new mac informer client

  2. Update says:

    Your data is outdated by a year for my website. Other websites have it worse. I have a data guard in my place and my details dont show in any other data website. Yet in your website it is blatantly visible. Look at the number of bug reports in the feed back section. Update your database because bloggers like me, suffer from identity theft and phishing, because of failure from your part to update your data.

  3. Ana says:

    Hey guys, a long time customer and reader here, love your site, both the Mac and Android one 🙂 Best wishes from Croatia.

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